New Hampshire

Good Samaritan Speaks Out After Stopping Accused Drunk Driver in NH

A good Samaritan helped stop a man police say was driving drunk on New Year's Eve in New Hampshire.

Ian Kelley is one of the people who tried to stop the driver from causing even more chaos then he already had.

"He could have hurt a lot of people that night," said Kelley.

Police say Aaron Marconi was intoxicated while driving near downtown Portsmouth when he crashed into several cars and businesses, ending up in a restaurant parking lot.

"I heard a loud crash," said Kelley. "I then checked my rear view mirror ... saw a very large truck barreling at me."

Kelley was driving for Uber that night when he saw the suspect lose control of his pick-up truck.

He pulled over to help.

"At first, I got out with the intention to check on the individual just to make sure he wasn't injured or having a medical condition," Kelley said. "The way he was driving it looked like he may have been having a stroke behind the wheel."

Kelley got out out of his car just as Marconi was allegedly threatening another good Samaritan who had also pulled over.

"He said, 'I will kill you, get out of my way,'" Kelley said.

Kelley then pulled out his gun.

"I said, 'I need you to stop. I have a gun, please stop. Turn off the engine.' Because at that time, he was still trying to back up," Kelley said.

Kelley pointed the gun at Marconi until police arrived.

Police said many people were on the sidewalk and it was lucky no one was hurt.

Kelley says he's only used his gun at firing ranges and in training classes, but he was prepared to pull the trigger if that driver tried to take off.

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