Gov. Charlie Baker Testifies About Climate Change on Capitol Hill

Baker testified before the House Natural Resources Committee

Gov. Charlie Baker is in Washington to tell Congress about what Massachusetts is doing to prepare for, and combat, climate change.

The Republican testified Wednesday morning before the House Natural Resources Committee.

Baker talked about what his administration describes as the state's bipartisan record of addressing climate change while urging Washington lawmakers to work at all levels of government in a similar fashion.

He said farmers, fishermen, foresters, and resort operators are already feeling the impact of climate change.

"I promise you they are worrying about climate change all the time. Whether it's the greenhouse gas emission issue or resiliency issue, they have major challenges that we should all be taking seriously or we are going to put them all in significant harms way over time," Baker said.

Baker also talked about the state's efforts to encourage the development of hydropower and offshore wind projects while also calling for federal emission reduction targets and pointing to the need for federal funding to drive research focused on emission reductions and climate change adaptation.

Baker testified along with Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina.

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