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Gov. Maura Healey to Mark 100 Days in Office Saturday

Healey hasn’t received much criticism thus far, aside from how long it took to find someone to fix the MBTA

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From assembling her cabinet to proposing a $55.5 billion budget, pundits say Gov. Maura Healey is off to a good start based on her first 100 days in office.

“We started this with a focus on affordability, competitiveness, and equity. And that's what these last 100 days is about,” Healey told NBC10 Boston Friday. “But that's in the past and really about what the next 100 days are about and getting things done for folks across the state.”

Healey officially hits 100 days on Saturday, April 15. So far, Healey has hand-picked a new general manager of the MBTA and filed a $750 million tax relief package.

“She's really caught the vibe of the political culture in Massachusetts really well during her first 100 days,” Stonehill College political science professor Peter Ubertaccio said.

Meanwhile, experts say Healey has remained a loud voice on national issues that are important to Massachusetts residents, including reproductive rights and gun control.

“Her response to the Texas judge's ruling and the abortion issue shows the leadership that we expect also in Massachusetts on national issues,” Liberty Square President Scott Ferson said.

Healey hasn’t received much criticism aside from how long it took to find someone to fix the MBTA.

“I know she's been criticized a little bit in the timing of the long it took her to get an MBTA manager. I'm actually glad she took her time to do that,” Ferson said. But political observers noted that it’s still early.

“Governor Healey is still in a honeymoon stage you know, her approval rating is very high,” Ubertaccio said, adding that two key challenges could shape the public’s perception of her – inflation and the high cost of housing.

Healey noted Friday that housing is a “top priority.”

“That'll be a focus here in the next 100 days -- driving strategies around getting as much housing built out as quickly as possible all around the state,” Healey said. “It's a key, key issue for us.”

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