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Government Shutdown Affects Boston Landmarks


The JFK Library, Charlestown Navy Yard Visitor Center, and Bunker Hill Monument Visitor Center are all closed down due to the government shutdown. Some tourists were surprised that these landmarks were affected.

"I had heard about the government shutdown," Trinidad Daughtry, a tourist said. "I didn’t know that it would affect us just sightseeing."

When a tourist walks around the Bunker Hill Monument and other National Parks, they will only find a sign that states that they are not staffed and that one should enter at their own risk.

For Madison and Nick Hoffman, this is not the first time a government shutdown has stopped them from enjoying a national park.

"When we went on our honeymoon, it was [at] the last government-shutdown, actually," Maddison Hoffman said. "We were in Hawaii and we couldn’t go to Pearl Harbor so this is par for the course. Every time we go somewhere the government shuts down and we can’t go to the visitor centers."

The shutdown has been problem affecting thousands of employees across the country. Stopping funding for non-essential services and federal employees from getting paid.

Over at the JFK Presidential Library—the parking lot is blocked off and will remain a ghost town until congress can come to an agreement.

"That’s annoying. Seems like they should get their stuff together," Nick Hoffman said. "Get the people paid man. Get people back to work."

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