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Gubernatorial Candidate Gonzalez Attacks Baker in His Support of Geoff Diehl

Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez is criticizing his opponent, incumbent Gov. Charlie Baker, for his recent endorsement of a candidate closely tied to President Donald Trump.

While on the campaign trail, expect to hear the Democrat remind voters daily that Baker supports U.S. Senate candidate Geoff Diehl, who is challenging Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

"By working to help Geoff Diehl, Charlie Baker is supporting Donald Trump’s hateful and harmful agenda," says Gonzalez.

The Democrats clearly see tying moderate Republican Baker to the President as a winning strategy and Gonzalez has been rolling out various groups of people to help make the point.

"How can we trust that Charlie Baker will stand up for choice if he’s committed to partnering with someone like Geoff Diehl," asked State Rep. Christine Barber, D-Somerville.

"He didn’t have to. This would've been one of those moments to really show why in fact he’s different than Trump," added State Rep. Marjorie Decker, D-Cambridge.

Baker put his support behind Diehl months ago.

"I've endorsed the ticket which I thought I was going to do months ago," Baker said.

But pressed on the issue, Baker moved right past the Diehl endorsement and defends his record saying, "I didn't support President Trump and I didn't vote for him."

As for Geoff Diehl, Baker says he’s proud to have the Governor's support and it just proves the Democrats have no real message adding, "This is no surprise that we would support each other. I’m going to be a great partner for him down in Washington."

The Baker Campaign has its own go-to strategy saying the Gonzalez agenda would cost billions of dollars to implement and that taxpayers would foot the bill.

Gonzalez says he does think the wealthiest should be paying more in taxes and he will roll out some aspects of his plan in the coming weeks.

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