Hail Mary Chance for a White Christmas

Our last White Christmas in Boston was in 2009. On Dec. 20 of that year, a storm dumped 10" of snow at Logan International Airport.

Temperatures warmed above freezing, but there wasn't any rapid melting. The snow depth measured on Christmas Day was four inches. There needs to be at least one inch of snow on the ground for it to be officially a White Christmas. 2014, 2015 and 2016 were quite warm. The warmest was in 2015, with a high temperature of 62.

Right now, there is still some snow on the ground across New England. But we are expecting two thaws over the next week. The first thaw won't melt a lot of snow, but it will make a dent. Temperatures warm into the mid and upper 40s on Tuesday.

Saturday is the most significant warm up. Temperatures will climb into the 50s with strong winds out of the southwest. We will see temperatures with promote rapid snowmelt and snow eating winds for most of the day. Expect a significant loss in snowpack.

There is still a Hail Mary for snow lovers that want a White Christmas. The weather appears to remain unsettled on Christmas Day. If temperatures cool quickly enough, we could see some snow during the day.

There is still some weather to talk about before Christmas Day. As I mentioned, we are expecting two thaws. The first thaw happens on Tuesday, but before it happens, a warm front will lift north. Snow showers and/or freezing drizzle will be possible overnight and into Monday morning. This will likely have impacts on the commute. With temperatures starting off around 20, anything that falls will stick to all surfaces.

Our next round of precipitation arrives Friday into Saturday. Up to a half inch of rain is possible with that storm system. Colder air will begin to move in a week from Sunday.

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