Hanover Firefighters Foil Grinch's Plans to Ruin Their Christmas

The green creature was seen trying to exit the Hanover Fire Department with a mini Christmas tree and present

NBCUniversal, Inc.

A real Grinch trying to steal Christmas at one Massachusetts fire department was stopped in time by quick-acting firefighters.

The Hanover Fire Department posted photos of the “unwanted guest” at headquarters and released surveillance footage of the thief’s sly attempt to jokingly take a mini Christmas tree and gift. In the video, the green creature could be seen looking over his shoulder before he attempts to exit the building.

Luckily, three firefighters surround the Grinch just in time and detain him. Firefighters also released an image of the thief locked in what appears to be a firetruck so that he “can’t ruin Christmas for the residents of Hanover.”

After a positive identification, firefighters determined the thief was, indeed, the Grinch.

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