Harmony Montgomery

Harmony Montgomery Disappearance: Stepmother Charged With Fraud Offered Plea Deal

More than two years after Harmony Montgomery was last seen, her stepmother, Kayla Montgomery, appeared in court to answer to welfare fraud charges; her lawyer says New Hampshire has offered her a plea deal, but the sides aren't close

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The search for Harmony Montgomery, who has not been seen since 2019, continues as the welfare fraud case against the child's stepmother, Kayla Montgomery, plays out in court.

For the first time, we're learning the State of New Hampshire has offered Kayla Montgomery a plea, but Defense Attorney Paul Garrity says they aren't even close to striking a deal.

"Kayla maintains her not guilty plea at this point in time," he told NBC10 Boston after the court appearance on Thursday.

Prosecutor Jesse O'Neill says the state has turned over its evidence to Garrity, who says the plea offer is "extraordinarily high."

Montgomery faces two misdemeanors and a felony for allegedly cashing about $1,500 worth of welfare checks for Harmony during a time the child was missing.

Thursday, Garrity asked the judge for 60 days to further review the state's evidence and discuss the plea with his client.

"Right now, it's simply a theft charge, there no indication that I've seen whatsoever that the state has evidence that Kayla is involved in any actions that may have taken place with Harmony," Garrity said.

Harmony was last seen in late 2019, when she was 5, but wasn't reported missing until about two years later. Prosecutor Jesse O'Neill says investigators are leaving no stone unturned and won't stop until they find her.

"Every day, every person we talk to, we feel like we are getting closer," O'Neill said.

Kayla Montgomery is still behind bars.

She's scheduled for another hearing on June 9.

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