Hateful Graffiti Spray Painted on Market in Roxbury

A market in Roxbury, created to help black-owned businesses in Boston, has been targeted by hate.

The words "White Lives Matter" were spray painted on the Black Market in Dudley Square.

Kai Grant owns the Black Market with her husband, Christopher.

She's unclear exactly when the graffiti was spray painted, but says Chris was taking photos of both a fence and the wall to share with the Mayor's office for revitalization, when the discovery was made.

"I have no idea who it was," Kai said. "That's a question I've been asked all day."

Wednesday, Boston Police Officers were at the Black Market taking a report and investigating. They say an investigation is underway.

The market opened last year. Kai and Christopher rent space to black owned vendors so they can sell items.

It's a business plan designed to bring back black owned and operated stores in Boston.

“As a cooperative pop-up, we've had so much love and so much support that when you feel this and this rage, this passive aggressive rage you kind of don't comprehend it at first," she said.

But Kai says she's now moving forward, getting ready for this year's grand opening, which is this weekend.

"This is our neighborhood," she said. "I'm not going to walk around here scared. I'm not going to be intimidated by folks, us having pride in our heritage and proud to be black is something that everyone should celebrate."

In the future, Kai says she would like to see a mural on the side of the wall.

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