‘Haven't Got Caught Before': Massachusetts Residents Flock to NH to Buy Fireworks

Derek Lyons is one of the countless Massachusetts residents who cross the border every year to stock up for the Fourth of July.

"So they are illegal in Mass., but I came up today," said Lyons. "I'm having a small get-together with a couple of people and I like to set them off."

He thinks police have better things to do.

"Haven't got caught before, knock on wood," said the Methuen resident.

While fireworks are illegal to possess, use or sell in Massachusetts, that never stops revelers from visiting New Hampshire fireworks stores, and then going back home to celebrate.

"All our neighbors love it and I don't think anybody's going to call the cops on us," said one person who was buying fireworks for a neighborhood party in Danvers.

Phantom Fireworks says roughly 40 percent of their business at the Seabrook location comes from Massachusetts shoppers, despite those customers breaking the law when they head home.

"We can only tell them that they are illegal in Massachusetts," said manager April Walton. "If they ask us, we're not going to lie to them, and then it's up to them to follow the rules."

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