Package Containing Unknown Chemical Prompts Hazmat Response in Roslindale

Six people - including two firefighters and a child - were decontaminated during a hazmat situation in Boston's Roslindale neighborhood Monday evening

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Hazmat crews decontaminated a family and two firefighters Monday night in Boston's Roslindale neighborhood after potential exposure to an unknown chemical.

A Brook Street resident opened a package that was delivered to his home Monday and found an unknown chemical inside. He brought it to a nearby fire station at 945 Canterbury Street, prompting a Level 3 hazmat situation.

The package containing the chemical was kept outside, according to the Roslindale Fire Department, and never entered the station.

A team of firefighters went to the resident’s home to decontaminate the man's family members. Three adults, one child and two firefighters were decontaminated and taken to an area hospital as a precaution.

"We did tests on it. Unconfirmed reports of what it was - we upgraded it to a Level 3 and coordinated with the local law enforcement," Boston Deputy Fire Chief Michael Doherty said. "We deconned the family up there."

Neighbors on Brook Street were told to evacuate for a few hours. Officials have since deemed the area safe and residents were able to return. Police are now involved in the investigation.

No further information was immediately available.

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