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Heat, Humidity Returns Labor Day

After several days of record heat, cooler and less humid air is arriving in New England.

That new airmass from Canada will continue to work in Thursday night, as winds turn onshore. As a result, Friday will be totally different compared to past days.

The morning will start with lows in the 40s and 50s in Northern New England, while we’ll be in the 60s during the morning with more clouds in Southern New England.

By Friday afternoon temperatures only climb into the 70s with a continued onshore wind. Sun will become more widespread near the coast, while clouds hold a little tougher in Western New England. There also could be a spot shower, especially in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Saturday continues that same pattern with a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the 70s. A spot shower can’t be ruled out, but the vast majority of us will be dry.

Humidity creeps back up Sunday as highs pop into the 80s thanks to a southerly wind. Again expect a mix of sun and clouds and a spot shower or rumble of thunder.

Humidity will be even higher, with temperatures close to 90, on Labor Day itself. That’s the big story, with another isolated shower or storm.

Just to emphasize, any showers or storms that develop this weekend will be few and far between. There will be minimal impact to outdoor plans.

Temperatures should stay above average into next week thanks to high pressure set up to our south.

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