Heavy Rain Moves in Tonight into Sunday

We’re staring down another wet weekend

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We’re staring down another wet weekend.

Well, mostly wet.

The challenge will be to find the driest times this weekend. What looked like a total washout today has turned a bit drier…at least for the first half of the day.

The delay of game was due to a slower arrival of a storm system from the Ohio Valley. Initially it looked like the storm would jump right on our stalled front and last night’s storms would just blend into this morning’s rain. Instead, the storms moved off and the storm system to the west took a stutter step and spared us a soaking morning. We’re delaying the inevitable, however. Heavier rain will move in tonight, along with a few storms. In fact, if we get some sun today, it would heighten our storm risk.

Flooding could ensue in any torrential rain. The crosshairs for the heaviest rain seem to be from Worcester west to Springfield (and points north into SW New Hampshire and south to Connecticut). Projections show up to 2-4” inches in isolated spots through Sunday morning. Speaking of, Sunday isn’t looking as wet, but certainly cooler with off and on showers. Saturday is clearly the pick…but neither is a prize-winner.

Monday looks like every other ugly day we’ve seen this July. Clouds, mist, a few sprinkles. Oh, and cool. Upper 60s cool. Which isn’t so cool, obviously.

We’re still seeing some hope for next week. The pattern isn’t producing all-day rains and the chances for storms are limited to Wednesday and Friday afternoons. It’s a long way off (and we know the 10 day isn’t etched in granite), but next weekend could see near-perfection with dry air and sunny skies.

Here's hoping.

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