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READ: Brian Walshe's Shocking Google Searches After His Wife Went Missing

Ana Walshe's husband reportedly made 20 rather gruesome internet searches between Jan. 1-3

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Prosecutors released new details about their murder case against Brian Walshe in the death of his wife, Ana Walshe, during his arraignment Wednesday.

Among the more startling revelations made in court were the contents of Brian Walshe's Google searches on his son's iPad in the days after his wife was reportedly last seen.

Here's what those searches included:

Jan. 1 Google searches

4:55 a.m.: "How long before a body starts to smell?"

4:58 a.m.: "How to stop a body from decomposing"

5:20 a.m.: "How to bound a body"

5:47 a.m.: "10 ways to dispose of a dead body if you really need to"

6:25 a.m.: "How long for someone to be missing to inherit?"

6:34 a.m.: "Can you throw away body parts?"

9:29 a.m.: "What does formaldehyde do?"

9:34 a.m.: "How long does DNA last?"

9:59 a.m.: "Can identification be made on partial remains?"

11:34 a.m.: "Dismemberment and the best ways to dispose of a body"

11:44 a.m. "How to clean blood from a wooden floor"

11:56 a.m.: "Luminol to detect blood"

1:08 p.m.: "What happens when you put body parts in ammonia?"

1:21 p.m. : "Is it better to throw crime scene clothes away or wash them?"

Walshe, who was led into the courtroom in handcuffs and had a blank state painted on his face throughout the proceeding, was held without bail. Wednesday was his second arraignment in the case of his wife's disappearance.

Jan. 2 Google searches

12:45 p.m.: "Hacksaw best tool to dismember"

1:10 p.m. "Can you be charged with murder without a body?"

1:14 p.m.: "Can you identify a body with broken teeth?"

Jan. 3 Google searches

1:02 p.m.: "What happens to hair on a dead body?"

1:13 p.m.: "What is the rate of decomposition of a body found in a plastic bag compared to on a surface in the woods?"

1:20 p.m.: "Can baking soda make a body smell good?"

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