Here's Where Sharks Were Spotted in New England This Past Week

Sightings were reported from Boothbay all the way south to Block Island

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July and August are prime shark season in New England, especially off Cape Cod.

But already this summer, numerous sharks have been spotted even further north, in areas like the North Shore of Massachusetts and even southern Maine, where a woman was fatally attacked by a great white last month.

Dr. James Sulikowski, who has been studying sharks off Maine, shares his thoughts on the shark attack that killed a swimmer this week, and how you can reduce the risk of a shark attack.

So far, there have been over 250 shark sightings off New England waters since early June. And there were 90 in the last month alone.

Over the past week, a total of 40 sharks have been spotted from Boothbay in Maine to Block Island in Rhode Island, according to the Sharktivity app.

Here's a breakdown of where they were spotted, by region:

  • Cape Cod -- 25
  • Plymouth -- 5
  • Castle Island -- 2
  • Bailey Island in Maine -- 2
  • Martha's Vineyard -- 1
  • Revere Beach -- 1
  • Plum Island -- 1
  • Boothbay in Maine -- 1
  • Cousins Island in Maine -- 1
  • Block Island in Rhode Island -- 1


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