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Hermine Now a ‘Sub-Tropical’ Storm

Two rounds of wind expected from storm

Hermine is now a "sub-tropical" storm with winds of 70 mph. She is moving Northeast, but will eventually stall off the coast of New Jersey on Sunday. Tropical storm force winds extend nearly 200 miles away from the center, which puts us on the northern fringe of tropical storm force winds (at least gusts).


  • Round 1: Sunday evening, overnight into Monday morning
  • Round 2: Tuesday & Wednesday

There are two rounds of wind because Hermine will likely sit and spin for several days.


Scattered areas of wind damage from Long Island Sound in Connecticut to Chatham, Massachusetts. With drought — trees are stressed and it will only take 50 mph gusts to cause damage. That corridor I highlighted is the area where I'm expecting 50 mph winds. Yes it's like a Nor'easter, but normally they roll through when trees are bare and not during a severe drought.

Storm surge for any "back bays" that are facing the east. Even with winds of 20-40 mph for 36-72 hours there will be a minor storm surge.

Rainfall amounts will be under 2 inches for southern New England and almost no rain north of the Mass Pike.

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