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Hero Carlos Arredondo Runs First Boston Marathon Amid Other Inspiring Marathon Finishes

He is known as the hero in the cowboy hat who helped save lives at the Boston Marathon finish line, but this year for the first time, Carlos Arredondo did not spend the race on the side lines. He ran it.

On Monday, Arredondo turned the finish line that once represented pain and suffering into hope and positivity by completing the race himself for the first time.

“I wanted to cheer this amazing moment, and also remember the victims," Arredondo said. "And I saw so many survivors along the way so it’s a blessing”

Arredondo wasn't the only emotional finish on this Marathon Monday.

We are always inspired by the mobility impaired teams of runners like Lucas Carr who pushed injured Norwood hockey player Matt Brown to the finish line once again.

“Regardless of how bad it is outside," Carr said, "it’s still the best day in Boston.”

And of course, who can forget Team Hoyt? Rick Hoyt is still going strong on the course but his father Dick Hoyt, who pushed him for so many years, is now cheering him on.

“It was a great day to see them out there and especially in the conditions, to me this is the worst conditions we’ve had in the marathon," Dick Hoyt said. "This is his 36th, I did 32 so he’s way ahead of me, thanks to Brian he’s way ahead of me.”

And as if getting that finishers medal at the Boston Marathon isn’t enough of a special moment, one couple decided to put a ring on it.

“This was kind of an emotional race for me, I’ve been injured and I didn’t know if I was going to make it," the newly engaged woman said.

“This was such a special day for her, she was injured and wasn’t sure she was going to make it so it was special for her and I just wanted to make it a little more special I guess,” the man said of his fiance.

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