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High-End Purses Stolen From Mall

A string of robberies has authorities analyzing surveillance footage after high-end purses were taken from Massachusetts' Chestnut Hill Mall.

Three times, thieves have hit the Gucci boutique inside Bloomingdales.

The designer bags, which can list for over $2,000 on, will typically be sold on the street by the thieves for a fraction of the cost, according to Newton Police Lt. Bruce Apotheker.

It's a lucrative crime that takes just seconds to commit.

Police say the thieves have struck the mall three times since the beginning of April. Investigators aren't sure if the same people are responsible.

In each case, the men run in, and in just seconds. steal whatever they can get their hands on from the display cases and take off.

They then run to the parking lot, jump into different cars, and make their escape on Route 9.

Police ask witnesses not to try to be heroes, but to get the best descriptions they can.

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