Dangerously High Temperatures Will Linger in New England

Many New England communities will see heat index values of over 100 degrees

What to Know

  • TODAY: Heat index will soar to 100 degrees. Stay hydrated!
  • TOMORROW: Heat may just be a few degrees less than Monday.
  • LOOKING AHEAD: A slowly-approaching cold front will raise chances of showers, thunder.

Heat and humidity have coupled to create not only high temperatures in the 90s, but heat index values of over 100 degrees for many New England communities Monday.

Perhaps surprisingly given so much humidity, thunderstorms are not expected for the vast majority of us. With no well-defined "trigger" for storms and no warm/cold clash in the atmosphere (everything is warm!).

The highest chance of any storms is a very limited chance of an isolated storm Monday evening near the border with Canada.

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Of course, in this heat, hydration is key, as is taking breaks from the heat to avoid overexertion. Dressing in lightweight and light-colored clothes and checking on those who may need a hand is necessary.

The same hot weather tips will be pertinent on Tuesday, when both the temperature and heat index may be just a couple degrees cooler than Monday. It’ll still be plenty hot for one and all.

Tuesday afternoon, a disturbance comes close enough to New England to touch off isolated afternoon thunder south and scattered strong thunder north.

A slowly-approaching cold front will continue to raise the chance of showers and thunder on Wednesday, as temperatures slip a bit. Less humid air arrives Thursday into the weekend, reducing the chance of storms, overall, and making the air more comfortable.

Our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast shows cooler air but summer conditions throughout.

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