High School Feminist Group Criticizes Marylou's Coffee, Says They Need to Work on Diversity

A feminist group from a Stoughton, Massachusetts high school is not happy with Marylou's Coffee, and they are making it known.

Marylou's says their accusation just isn't accurate.

The U-Knighted Feminists of Stoughton High School sent a tweet including a picture of letters they said they were mailing, to the coffee chain saying they need to work on their diversity.

The tweet, which has since been deleted,  read: "Hey @MarylousCoffee, these letters are coming your way. The feminists here at Stoughton High School think you need to #dobetter and work on your #diversity. Your idea of beauty is bogus."

The coffee chain set up a new shop at Stoughton's Cobb Corner last month, and the group said they were angry and didn’t feel the business was inclusive.

A letter addressed to the chain's CEO reads in part, “As a diverse, beautiful group of young people who do not look at all busty and blonde, we feel strong that the image you’re portraying highlights only one stereotypical type of beauty and fails to promote equity.”

Marylou’s Coffee responded with a statement of their own that reads in part, “The letter was inaccurate, incorrectly characterized our company and its hiring policies, and unjustly disparaged our employees.”

The superintendent of Stoughton public schools also released a statement saying the group was not sanctioned by the school and the school was not aware that the letter was sent out.

The superintendent said there will be a thorough investigation to find out who is responsible for the letter.

Marylou’s Coffee said they trust the school to take care of the matter.

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