Holy Cross Students Drugged at Worcester Bar

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Two students at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, tell school officials they started to feel extremely disoriented and sick after consuming a moderate amount of alcohol at Moonshiners, a country music bar near Kelley Square.

One of them tested positive for GHB, commonly known as the date rape drug. Test results on the other are still pending.

"These kinds of things can happen anywhere," said Crystal Pannoni, general manager at Moonshiners. "It's just the way of the world and it is unfortunate."

Moonshiners says it just learned of the incident in the last 24 hours.

"We are concerned for the females and we are glad that they're OK," said Pannoni. "And that it wasn't a more serious incident."

The school says it happened in early December.

It's unclear why it's just coming to light now, but the school says it sent an email to students informing them of the incident.

The school says it reported the incident to Worcester Police, and authorities say they are investigating.

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