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Hot, Humid Weather Sticking Around for Now

Scattered thunderstorms are expected to develop Thursday afternoon

What to Know

  • Today (Wednesday): Not quite as sticky, still a bit humid. Sunny, 80s.
  • Overnight Wednesday Night: Pockets of clouds. Lows around 70.
  • Thursday: Sun & clouds to a round of evening storms. Highs around 90.

Although today’s air is humid by any standard in most of New England, it’s surely less humid than we’ve experienced in the last several days and many of us will notice the difference, albeit slight.

However, temperatures are still climbing to near 90 in some spots, and humidity will increase gradually late in the day toward evening, then again overnight tonight with areas of clouds and fog developing late at night.

Any fog and clouds will burn off Thursday morning for a hazy, hot and humid day with highs around or over 90 for all but Northern New England, where a cold front arriving from Canada moves in first, prompting morning to midday showers.

By Thursday afternoon, the strong cold front moving south will trigger scattered strong thunderstorms in Central and Southern New England, moving south of New England by Thursday night but heralding the onset of a fall air that will dominate through the weekend.

Whether cool air with highs in the 60s to near 70 is welcome for your outdoor plans or not, one thing is for sure – it’s the cool air push we have to thank for thrusting a weekend full of rain south of New England, into the Mid-Atlantic.

The rain to our south will rise northward Monday into Tuesday, impacting New England and infused with some leftover moisture from former Tropical Storm Gordon on the leading edge of warmth the tries to at least nose back into our region by the second half of next week in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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