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‘How Do You Want to Die?' Prosecutors Reveal Chilling Details in NH Home Invasion

Authorities have arrested 25-year-old Ian Morris, accused of breaking into a house and attacking the homeowners in Litchfield, New Hampshire

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The scanner traffic between first responders in Litchfield, New Hampshire, only begins to describe the horror unfolding inside a house on Evergreen Circle Tuesday night.

"Male party, unknown, allegedly has the husband in a headlock," explained the dispatcher.

Prosecutors say 25-year-old Ian Morris broke into the home at 11:54 pm on Tuesday.

"The defendant had just shown up at their house, had entered bedroom holding the hatchet in his hands, and directed them to go downstairs," explained Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Brian Greklik-McKeon.

Wielding a knife and a hatchet, prosecutors say Morris woke up the victims, and asked, "How do you want to die?"

"They believed, initially, it was a prank," said Greklik-McKeon. "When they realized it was not, they refused to go outside with the defendant."

That's when Morris allegedly started attacking the male homeowner.

The two other people in the house called 911. Police arrived within minutes and took Morris into custody.

"The homeowner was bleeding from lacerations he had on his head and his face, and defendant had arms wrapped around homeowner holding his shirt," explained Greklik-McKeon.

The chilling crime on the quiet cul de sac has left an entire town on edge.

"At this point, it does appear to be a random event," said Greklik-McKeon. "We don't see too many random attacks on strangers, and that is part of what makes this so serious."

Morris is being held without bail. He faces several charges, including attempted murder and kidnapping.

The victims are expected to be OK.

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