How Not to Get ‘Storrowed' This Move-In Season

Every year trucks get "Storrowed" on Storrow Drive

Storrow Drive is known to Bostonians for being a parkway with an very unforgiving height limit, yet despite the warning signs, the low bridges still claim an array of unsuspecting box trucks.

The act of trucks getting stuck on Storrow Drive has become know as getting "Storrowed."

The height limit on Storrow Drive is 10 feet, so trucks and buses are not allowed to travel through the city using the popular route.

If you're moving to Boston this school-year and looking for a way to get around the city with your moving truck, consider Beacon Street or Commonwealth Avenue, or even the Massachusetts Turnpike, to avoid getting "Storrowed.

Congestion Areas in Boston Area During Move-In Time

This interactive map shows the potential congestion spots during the move-in period in the Boston area based on moving truck permits issued by the city.

For a full list of road closures, ways to get moving permits, and rules for throwing out unwanted items, click here.

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