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Howling Wind and Flooding Rain

An unusual and possibly dangerous situation unfolding Tuesday night in New England.

Very high dew points — more typical of August — have moved in. A slow-moving front is temporarily stalling by morning in eastern Massachusetts. Based on what we're seeing across Connecticut and western Massachusetts Tuesday evening, it’s looking like a widespread flooding event will be unfolding across the area late overnight and into Wednesday morning — right in time for the morning commute.

Our front — the trigger point for the rain — will slow to a crawl as heavy rain ripples along it from south to north. All told, two to five inches of rain will fall with basement, backyard, street and intersection flooding. Leaf drop has been significant from the wind Tuesday, so drains will quickly become clogged. Recent dry weather has also left the soil parched and unable to absorb the intense bursts of rain, so runoff will be an issue. 

Worst rainfall seems to wrap up by 9-11 a.m., with a little lull thereafter. More rain is expected in the afternoon, but with much less intensity.

Please don't drive through flooded roads or intersections! It only takes a foot of fast-moving water to float an SUV, only eight to 10 inches for a sedan. Please follow all orders from law enforcement and first responders to evacuate in times of fast-rising water. It may only take minutes before you become inundated.

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