New Hampshire

Police in Hudson, NH Remind Residents: Don't Feed Coyotes

Police in Hudson, New Hampshire, are reminding residents not to feed coyotes after a recent autopsy on one of the animals found dog food inside.

The coyote, which had to be euthanized, is just one of what police say are many well-fed coyotes in the area. The department shared a photo of one of the animals on their Facebook page.

“They’re very large, so they’ve been eating very well,” said Sgt. Roger Lamarche.

Police are concerned the coyotes won’t be shy about approaching people, and could attack small animals.

One resident, Matt Ross, said coyotes live in his yard, and while he doesn't feed them, he said the coyotes do get curious when he grills outside.

“They’re big. They’re definitely big and sometimes I just let them know this is my property and I’ll run them off,” Ross said.

The Hudson Police Department advises residents if they have any concerns or problems with the coyotes to call Animal Control at 603-889-7387.

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