Hazy, Hot and Humid Monday With Thunderstorms Later

There is no question it will be hot today, but it certainly won’t be atypical. Records may be set, but the heat and humidity are relatively average for late Spring.

Our hottest days usually occur during July and August and with a Southwest, West or Northwest wind. It’s June and our wind direction will be out of the south, southwest. The normally warmer valley locations may reach the upper 90s, but that too is fairly typical for late Spring. Regardless, it will be hot, so remember those heat safety tips.

Thunderstorms are likely Monday evening and night. Not all atmospheric conditions point to a huge outbreak, but this is generally the set up where we see scattered severe thunderstorms. At this point, isolated gusts to 60 mph and a lot of lightning is possible.

Thunder and clouds clear Tuesday. The remainder of the 10-day forecast is pretty nice. We’re expecting a good deal of sunshine, relatively low humidity and seasonably warm weather. Showers are also possible, but our need for a soaking is climbing each day.

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