Humidity More Comfortable With Heat Wave Gone

New air is taking hold of New England!

Our heat wave has finally broken, but it took locally damaging thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon and evening to do it.

Although Thursday started humid for most of Central and Southern New England, the drier air that was palpable in a cool start across the North Country is bleeding south and will noticeably decrease humidity for all but Cape Cod by day’s end.

Because the cold front – the leading edge of the new, cooler and drier air – has not cleared Cape Cod yet, there’s a very limited chance of a new shower or sprinkle on the Cod by the day’s end.

Expect a crisp, refreshingly cool overnight Thursday with lows either side of 60 in Southern New England, and even some 40s in the North Country! All of this leads to a bright and super pleasant Friday.

Saturday and Sunday each bring a weak upper-level atmospheric disturbance, but limited conditions for showers and thunderstorms. Right now, we have a low probability of some isolated storms on each day, with the greatest chance likely to be found inland.


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As for deeper heat and humidity, our exclusive First Alert 10-Day Forecast shows that deep summer air returning for the middle of next week. Although it’s still too early to say for sure, we believe another heat wave certainly is possible with high temperatures near 90 degrees Tuesday through Friday.

We’re starting August out on a warm note, which is contributing to our team’s August monthly forecast of warmer-than-normal conditions overall for the month.

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