‘I Feel Good': 5-Year-Old Boy Grateful for Support After Being Teased for Using Nail Polish

Five-year-old Sam Gouveia of Franklin, Massachusetts, is telling his story of support after he says he was made fun of Monday for wearing bright red nail polish to school.

"They said that's only for girls," the kindergartner said. "They kept doing it, and I said it's for boys and girls."

"His shoulders were slumped, his face was long and I said, 'Buddy, did you have rough day?' and he broke down," said his mom, MJ Gouveia.

In response, Sam's dad posted his story to social media, talking about gender norms and calling it "toxic masculinity."

The next morning, Sam's story went viral.

There was overwhelming support from across the globe, even from former Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett.

"When we woke up the next day, it was just madness, the support we had from the community, from the school, from people nationally and internationally, has just been overwhelming," MJ Gouveia said.

Wednesday night, Sam has a message for all his supporters.

"I feel good," he said.

The responses have been so positive, Sam says he'll continue to wear the nail polish.

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