‘I Feel Violated': Uber Driver Shocked After Car Stolen, Used in Boston Smash-and-Grab

Amir Forghany says his Nissan was stolen from the parking lot of a McDonald's in Somerville as he worked one of his last Uber Eats orders

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A stolen car was used in a smash-and-grab Friday morning in Boston when at least two suspects crashed the car through the Chanel store on Newbury Street and then stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from inside.

Amir Forghany wasn't aware his stolen car was used in the crime at 6 Newbury Street around 4:30 a.m., so he was initially thrilled to hear it had been located when his phone rang Friday.

"'Guess what, we found your car'" Forghany recalled of the phone call. "Great! I was like, oh my God, euphoria."

But the euphoria was short lived. Boston police were on the other end of that early morning phone call to tell Forghany his car had been totaled in the incident.

Boston Police are searching for the people who stole from the Chanel Store on Newbury Street after a car crashed through the door.

In an interview with NBC10 Boston on Saturday, Forghany said his Nissan was stolen Thursday night from the parking lot of a McDonald's in Somerville, Massachusetts, as he worked one of his last Uber Eats orders.

Forghany was in disbelief when he walked out and saw his car was gone.

"This did not happen. Sometimes I have nightmares of this happening, this DID NOT happen," Forghany recalled as he struggled to understand where his car went.

Boston police confirm Forghany's stolen car was used to crash into the metal and glass storefront of the Chanel store.

At least two suspects then got out of the car and stole a number of luxury goods before taking off in another car.

"I feel violated, I feel shocked," Forghany said of his car being used in this crime. "I still can't believe this happened."

Saturday afternoon, Forghany went to look at what's left behind. Without a car, the food delivery driver says he can no longer work, and his worry is only growing.

"I can't work, I can't work and make money," Forghany said. "I have to pay rent, I owe people money, who in the past they gave me money, and they depended on me, and I want to keep my word."

Police say a car crashed through the front door of a Newbury Street store, leading to thousands of dollars in high-end goods being stolen.

Forghany says this has taught him a lesson.

"Don't leave your car on, no matter where you are," he said. "But it happens."

The store's door remained boarded up Saturday, and Boston police are still searching for the suspects. No arrests have been made.

An investigation is ongoing.

A car crashed through a Chanel store on Newbury Street in Boston Friday morning. Merchandise was stolen from the store.
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