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‘I'm Not Running for Anything': Beverly Residents Post Politics-Free Yard Signs

Non-political lawn signs in one North Shore community are helping to bring people together in a time when the country is divided.

Lothrop Street in Beverly is about as American as you can get, and so are the politics.

A few months ago, resident Marco Egizi put out a sign on behalf of his dad reading, "I’m not running for anything, I just wanted my own sign."

Vinny Egizi isn't running for any kind of political office but the family just thought the sign would be funny.

"I have heard a lot of people say that they would be willing to vote for him because of the sign alone," Marco Egizi said.

The sign became so popular that nearby resident Jim Guy planted a similar sign on his front lawn, just around the corner from Vinny.

"This could be the office of... just saying, 'The heck with the offices,'" Guy said.

During a time of when Americans are so divided in politics and some aren't even talking to each other because of their political leanings, some Beverly residents say the signs are actually bringing them closer together.

"These ones made me laugh," said one resident.

Both Vinny Egizi and Guy say Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are now engaging each other again in conversations.

"I've met many more neighbors recently because of the sign," Vinny Egizi said.

While they may not see eye to eye on all of the issues, both say they agree the signs are helping neighbors laugh again about politics.

"Just getting out of that whole political thing. We don’t have to worry about what we say," Guy said.

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