In Boston, An Esports Team Looks to be the Next Beloved Squad

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It’s no secret that Boston loves its teams and its titles.

But now, there’s another team sport gaining popularity with fans both locally, and around the globe.

Meet Boston Uprising, an esports team competing in the Overwatch League owned by New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft.

The players also practice in Foxboro and are from countries all around the world including Korea, the Netherlands and Australia. All are representing Boston to battle for a title.

“Last year we only played in LA, but now in Boston then we can meet our team’s fans a lot,” said Minesob Park.

Last year’s grand finals reportedly pulling in more than 1 million viewers. In its third season, the team will be taking on cities like Philadelphia and Los Angeles, as well as Paris, London, and Shanghai.

The competition will come back to a Boston on two different weekends, transforming the Citizen’s Bank Boston Opera House into a gaming arena.

“Just getting to see all the fans, the people that message you, like all the supportive people that you talk to everyday and the people you know are there," team member Cameron Bosworth said. "Actually, getting to see them in person and perform live in front of them is going to be just something else."

"While you’re playing, it’s like an earthquake, you know?" team member Thomas Brussen said. "So having that behind me will be amazing."

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