Deadly NH Motorcycle Crash: Grand Jury Indicts Driver on 23 Charges

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, of West Springfield, was indicted on 23 charges including reckless manslaughter, DUI negligent homicide and aggravated DWI

The Massachusetts man who has pleaded not guilty to negligent homicide in the June crash that left seven motorcyclists dead on a New Hampshire highway has been officially indicted on 23 charges, three months after the collision.

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, of West Springfield, was indicted Thursday on various counts of reckless manslaughter, DUI negligent homicide, aggravated DWI and reckless conduct in the June 21 crash in Randolph, New Hampshire.

A video bail hearing for Zhukovskyy's arraignment will be held Nov. 5 at Coos County Superior Court in Lancaster.

If convicted of all grand jury charges, Zhukovskyy could face up to 378 years in prison.

He had previously been charged by prosecutors.

Zhukovskyy crashed into members of the Massachusetts chapter of the JarHeads Motorcycle Club, killing seven and injuring several others. Investigators have said Zhukovskyy's Dodge pickup truck was towing a flatbed trailer as it traveled west on Route 2 when it crossed into the eastbound lane and collided with the group.

An affidavit unsealed earlier this month revealed police investigating the crash had interviewed several witnesses who had claimed to have seen Zhukovskyy's pickup truck swerving on Route 2 before the incident. The document also noted that several calls were made to emergency responders to report Zhukovskyy's reckless driving.

In the weeks prior to the crash, officials in Connecticut had twice notified the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles about a drunken driving arrest against Zhukovskyy. Despite the alerts, Zhukovskyy's license was not suspended, which prompted an overhaul of the RMV.

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