Introducing Augmented Reality Weather Forecasts on NBC10 Boston

3D objects are overlaid onto what the camera sees

Our NBC10 Boston First Alert Weather Team is bringing you inside the weather forecast with augmented reality, the latest technology we've embraced, from Storm Ranger mobile radar to our own computer Forecast System.

Augmented reality brings a realistic perspective to our forecasts, showing you everything from the beach to Fenway Park, even inside a hurricane with a storm-chasing plane.

Pamela Gardner uses augmented reality to forecast the weather on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.

The graphics are built from scratch. The technology works by overlaying 3D objects onto what the camera sees, which is coded to active augmented reality at certain times during the forecast.

In the studio, it looks like we're standing next to nothing. But on TV, it looks just like we're in the room with the graphic.

So keep watching NBC10 Boston for the most interactive weather forecasts in town!

Using NBC10 Boston's new augmented reality technology, meteorologist Pamela Gardner shows how planes measure the strength of storms like Tropical Storm Barry, which is flooding New Orleans from offshore Thursday, July 11, 2019.
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