Well, we finally found a use for all that sticky air today.

Thunder flared after lunch, and it was all we could do to keep track of the storms. The formed on outflow boundaries (air coming down from old storms and fanning out when it hits ground), old sea breezes, new sea breezes and honestly, with slightest twitch from the atmosphere. It was that humid and that unstable today.

Byproducts of that rain were evident as streets, intersections, side roads and basements went underwater in a matter of minutes.

Not everyone saw the heavy weather, however. Some areas just saw a few sprinkles. Others saw the storms in the distance, but nothing more. Speaking of more, thunder is still in the forecast for the next three days, but I believe there may be fewer storms around Thursday and Friday afternoons thanks to a slightly more stable atmosphere.

The front that will take care of things in the humidity department is still a few days away. So we sit in the soup all the way through Saturday. While the storms on Saturday may be nasty, they should move through in the afternoon, allowing us to dodge the raindrops for the first part of the day. 

Sunday is the prize winner of the weekend. Lower humidity, tons of blue sky, and slightly cooler temperatures.

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