Investigation: Rockland Town Administrator Accused of Sexual Misconduct Was Actually Victim

The town administrator of Rockland, Massachusetts, was recently suspended after he was accused of sexually inappropriate behavior. But according to a new investigation, it was actually the other way around.

Back in May, Allan Chiocca was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into "serious allegations regarding potential misconduct." The administrator was accused of participating in inappropriate behavior toward Selectwoman Deirdre Hall.

The town of Rockland hired an independent law firm to investigate Hall's allegations. In Tuesday's town hall meeting, the findings were released, claiming that Hall was actually the aggressor and used her position to pressure Chiocca into sexual activity with her while she was reviewing his contract and salary. The sexual encounter happened at town hall.

There are also allegations that Selectman Ed Kimball was also involved with Hall, as well as the coverup.

"He started the investigation and was lying to us from the beginning," fellow Selectman Larry Ryan said.

Kimball answered very few questions from reporters, but he said he's not going anywhere.

"I have no intention to resign," he said. "I will complete my term, and my term is up in April."

Hall's attorney says she will resign immediately as a result of this scandal. The town of Rockland is hoping to resolve the matter and move on.

"Quite frankly, we need to clear this mess up and get the town back in order and get it running again and put this all behind us," Ryan said. "The sooner that happens, the better the town of Rockland is going to be."

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