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Investigation Underway After Police Shoot, Kill Man in Manchester, NH

NBC10 Boston spoke with Adnan Husejnovic’s stepmother off camera Sunday. She described her stepson as a good and smart man, and said he called his father for help before being shot by police

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An investigation is underway after police shot and killed a man in Manchester, New Hampshire, early Sunday morning.

Shortly after midnight, police received a call about a man attacking his partner behind a Rite Aid Pharmacy on Mammoth Road. Authorities said that when police arrived, a woman was walking away from a gray Toyota RAV4, obviously injured. When police confronted the man in the SUV, he refused to get out of the car and at some point made it clear that he had a gun.

For an hour and a half, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office said six police officers -- four Manchester officers and two state troopers -- were in a standoff with the armed man until they he was fatally shot at around 2 a.m.

The armed man was later identified as Adnan Husejnovic, 33, of Manchester.

All six officers present fired their guns during the standoff, according to the attorney general's office. What prompted police to open fire and kill Husejnovic remains under investigation.

“Those six officers will all be interviewed by the Office of the Attorney General as we engage in the investigation to determine what information they had and what was the reason that they fired at the time that they did,” said New Hampshire Attorney General Senior Assistant Benjamin Agati.

The police officers who first arrived were wearing body cameras, and investigators are reviewing body camera footage and dash cam video of the incident to see if they picked up any footage of the shooting, and if deadly force was justified.

Authorities say no one else was hurt in the incident.

NBC10 Boston spoke with Husejnovic’s stepmother off camera Sunday. She was upset about what happened to her stepson who she described as a good and smart man. She also said Husejnovic called his father for help before being shot by police.

An autopsy for Husejnovic is scheduled for Monday morning in Concord.

The names of the officers involved in the shooting will be released after formal interviews are done, police said.

The attorney general's office is continuing to investigate the deadly shooting.

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