Football Player Suspended at High School in Winthrop, Massachusetts, Following Incident Involving Locker Room Video

The high school team's football game on Friday night has been forfeited

More than 10 Winthrop High School students and their parents are being questioned as part of an ongoing investigation after a video was taken of a football player in the locker room, allegedly by another student.

"An incident was reported to high school officials yesterday afternoon," Winthrop School Superintendent John Macero told necn on Wednesday morning. "At that time the administration began an immediate investigation. While the investigation is ongoing we cannot comment at this time."

The Winthrop High football coach told necn that one player was suspended for a "minor incident."

Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty tells necn that the incident involved video that was taken of a student in the shower.

Mike DelPriore is friends with the alleged victim. He described the video to necn.

"It shows the person that took the video's face and then it shows my friend fully naked with a towel in his hand preparing to change," he said.

DelPriore says his friend is an underclassmen.

"At first, he was kind of taking it as a joke, but I don't think he'd like that, and I feel bad," said DelPriore. "It shouldn't have happened."

Delehanty said detectives are on scene at the school. Winthrop Police are cooperating with the Suffolk District Attorney's office, but are "trying to avoid charges for juveniles using poor judgment."

Criminal charges are still a possibility, however, or the players involved could be referred to a diversionary program dealing with issues of bullying or social media misuse.

The high school team's football practice was cancelled on Tuesday night as a result of the incident, and the team's game against Gloucester on Friday night has also been forfeited.

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