Investigators Working to Determine Cause of 4-Alarm Townsend Apartment Fire

Investigators are trying to determine what sparked a massive 4-alarm fire that charred an apartment building in Townsend, Massachusetts.

Utility crews and authorities assessed the scene early Tuesday as they worked to determine if the Pine Ridge Estates apartment building could be salvaged.

The blaze was reported sometime before 9 p.m. Monday on Fitchburg Road, where the roaring fire shot flames through the roof of the building before crews were able to douse the blaze.

One resident said the fire left her shaken up.

"Not sure what to do after all this ends," resident Galina Seregina said. "My keys are left in the apartment. My purse is there. I only have two cats with me, so it's a little bit stressful."

Seregina said she smelled smoke then saw smoke emitting from the light fixture in her bathroom.

NBC10 Boston's Skyranger helicopter was over the scene of the inferno, where heavy flames and smoke could be seen coming from the roof of the structure.

Townsend Fire Chief Mark Boynton said that at one point, the blaze was too dangerous for crews to continue to be inside.

No injuries were reported in the fire. 

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