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‘It Is Quite Impressive': NH Communities Cleaning Up Damage From Intense Rainfall

"We are just hoping and praying we don't get seven more inches of rain like we had the night before last."

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For a while, it seemed like the rain would never stop in New Hampshire.

Paul "Hutch" Hutchinson could only watch the radar on his phone as wave after wave of rain passed over his Jaffrey home.

"I was bailing out what I could and was watching the doppler as more and more, every hour or so another thunderstorm would come through," Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson estimates his house got close to seven inches of rain Saturday night into Sunday morning.

"While the storm was going, even with the sump pumps running, the water was still going up," he said. "You could visually watch it rise."

Down the road, Barbara Kahian woke up Sunday morning to see the normally quiet creek next to her house transformed into a white water rapid.

"It is kind of scary since in the middle of the night it sounds like a freight train constantly going by your house," she said. "We have never seen it like this."

Torrential downpours in Worcester Saturday evening left multiple streets flooded out.

In nearby Peterborough, the rain was enough to wash away a huge section of Old Town Farm Road, sending debris into a nearby farm like lava pouring out of a volcano.

"Obviously we have a significant washout," Seth MacLean, with the Peterborough Public Works said Monday.

"It took a lot of force, absolutely, a ton of washout from the top of this road here, we are still investigating, understand why that happened, at this point our priority is to sow things up," he added.

Civil engineers will now be tasked with finding a solution that can better handle rains like what this area saw over the weekend.

"It is quite impressive," MacLean said.

Back in Jaffrey, they're hoping for a chance to dry out.

"We are just hoping and praying we don't get seven more inches of rain like we had the night before last," Kahian said.

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