‘It Was Trying to Claw Me': Man Fights Off Attacking Coyote in Rutland, Mass.

A Massachusetts man is lucky to be alive after fighting off a coyote that attacked him Wednesday night.

"I got jumped from behind. I was terrified," said Brian Hutchins of Rutland.

Just before 9 p.m., Hutchins entered his backyard to tend to three chickens he keeps there. However, when he stepped out his door, a coyote lurking nearby suddenly pounced.

"I grabbed it and pulled it over my head," he explained. "It was kicking me in the face, the chin, the chest."

Hutchins was able to reach into his pocket for a small knife he carries with him and stab the animal until it left.

"It was trying to claw me," Hutchins said, "I just kept stabbing it and then it just took off into the woods."

While Hutchins was aware coyotes frequented the woods behind his property, he never anticipated an attack.

"This is a first for me," said Chief Nick Monaco of the Rutland Police Department.

Based on their investigation, police don't believe the animal was exhibiting unusual behavior. They think the coyote was going after the chickens and became spooked by Hutchins. However, they are still urging the public to be cautious.

"If they do see any aggressive animal, any animal that seems more bold than usual, we are going to go respond and check it out," Monaco explained.

While he only suffered scratches and some bruising, Hutchins said he plans to take other precautions, including additional fencing and lighting.

"I don't know if the coyotes were looking to get the chickens. Probably, I would assume," Hutchins said. "But that wasn't going to happen with me out here. I had no choice because it was me or the animal."

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