It’s Electric: Dockless Scooters on the Horizon!


Looks like another mode of transportation could be on the horizon for the neighborhood!  

Electric dockless scooters could be added to the list, along with Blue Bikes and the MBTA to get you to where you need to go!

The City Council held a hearing Monday about bringing dockless electric scooters to our neighborhoods!  Despite the Bird debacle of last summer, City Council Matt O’Malley from West Roxbury has proposed a pilot program for the scooters for the spring.  Boston along with Cambridge, Brookline and Somerville will be working with the state senate to help with revising state laws that remove these electric scooters from the gas-powered scooter and Vespa category. 

O’Malley believes the electric scooters will help get cars off of the road and be better for the environment too. 

What do you think? 

Image via Bird Instagram

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