‘It's Exciting That They're Cheering Me On': Police Escort Lakeville Teen to Boston for Surgery

When life throws a curveball, Cody Martin of Lakeville, Massachusetts, responds with a laugh and a contagious smile.

The 13-year-old loves baseball and plays outfield for his Babe Ruth League team. But he is giving up this season because of his health.

"Like, my memory is really bad," said Martin.

One year ago, doctors at Boston Children's Hospital found a cyst growing in his head.

"Pressing on part of his brain, pressing against an area that we believe may be causing his seizures," said neurologist Dr. Joseph Madsen.

His family's been driving from Lakeville to Boston for multiple tests. They're now getting ready for a complicated surgery to treat it at Boston Children's Hospital.

Officer Phillip Pine and the Freetown Police Association heard about Martin's situation and offered to help, especially because of this young man's positive attitude.


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"We really wanted to do something for them, special," Pine said.

Along with giving him some police patches, coins and a baseball autographed by Mookie Betts, the officers volunteered to escort Martin and his family all the way to Boston, while they stay in a hotel before Wednesday's surgery.

"I haven't seen my son smile like that in over a year," said his mother, Tara Martin.

With lights and sirens blaring, they parted traffic, trimming the commute time in half, giving his parents some peace of mind and helping Martin feel like an MVP, still part of the team.

"It's exciting that they're cheering me on," he said.

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