Jackie Bruno Visits Set of “This Is Us”

Creating the hit NBC television show “This Is Us” is no easy task. Our entertainment reporter Jackie Bruno went to Los Angeles to visit their set to find out what goes into making the show.

Beth Wooke, the show’s set decorator, said there are anywhere from 27 to 40 sets in each episode.

“Depending on how many time changes, sometimes in one day we’ll go from 1945 to 1976 to 1989, all in one day,” said Wooke.

Jackie got a look inside the set that serves as Jack and Rebecca’s home. While she was there, it was set for 1996, which meant different cabinets than the late 1970s version. She took a look inside the refrigerator which is also set for the 90s look.

After the set visit, Jackie sat down with Sterling K. Brown and Ron Cephus-Jones who play Randall and his biological father William to find out what’s coming up next on “This is Us”.

“There are a few more characters you get to meet in everybody’s life, in all the Big Three’s Life, at work for me. Kate meets somebody. I can’t say too much,” Brown said.

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