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Is ‘Jaws' the Key to a Cape Cod Murder Mystery?

Could there be a connection between the beloved horror classic "Jaws" and a lingering murder mystery on Cape Cod?

Writer Joe Hill, son of horror author Stephen King, says an extra in one of the film's scenes could be the woman found brutally murdered on a Cape Cod beach.

The "Lady of the Dunes" case has puzzled investigators since July 1974, when the unidentified woman's body was found on Race Point Beach in Provincetown.

Stephen Spielberg's classic thriller was being filmed just 100 miles away on Martha's Vineyard that same summer.

Hill says the similarity between the film extra, who wore jeans, a T-shirt and a blue bandana in the scene, and one of the most recent composites of the victim is uncanny.

"This particular woman bears a shocking resemblance in appearance and wardrobe to the murder victim, and it is the same general location in the summer of 'Jaws,'" he said.

However, even he concedes to NBC News' Today Show that it could be just a resemblance — and nothing more.

"Part of me thinks that my subconscious mind is so programmed, so trained to quickly generate ghost stories, that that's all I've done here," he said.

The victim's body was found by a girl walking a dog, and investigators determined she had been likely killed days or weeks before being discovered. Her hands were missing and her head was nearly severed. Her skull was crushed on the left side, and she was missing several teeth, as well. Although she was found naked, her head was found resting on folded jeans and a bandana.

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