JFK Library Recreates Apollo 11 Mission With Augmented Reality Experience

Moonshot app features first-ever full-scale augmented reality simulation of the Saturn V Rocket launch

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with a full-scale augmented reality simulation that plays in 3D on your phone.

Through the JFK Moonshot app, Visitors to the Boston library were able to watch the full-scale simulation at 9:32 a.m. Tuesday. Users can also recreate the rocket launch with a smaller-scale rocket wherever they are.

The app, created by Digitas, was launched last month and features the first-ever full-scale augmented reality simulation of the Saturn V Rocket launch, which took place July 16, 1969. It also takes users on a five-day journey from the Earth to the Moon and provides more than 120 hours of real-time tracking simulation.

The simulation was made possible by combining 3D digital assets and actual archival footage and audio recordings, according to the library.

The app is meant to honor President John F. Kennedy's legacy and to encourage users to "think about technological advances," JFK Presidential Library Foundation Executive Director Steven Rothstein told NBC10 Boston.

Kennedy "galvanized folks, there were 400,000 people working between government and universities and private sector to bring a man to the moon and we want to ... honor that legacy," Rothstein said.

"We're thrilled to celebrate one man's imagination made real for today's generation of dreamers by recreating a 50-year-old story with a modern medium, Augmented Reality,” said Sue DeSilva, Digitas Boston's executive director for creative, in a statement. 

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