Joe Kennedy III ‘Excited' to Launch Senate Campaign Against Ed Markey

On the eve of Saturday's big announcement, Rep. Joe Kennedy III says he's ready.

Kennedy will formally announce his bid for Ed Markey's Senate seat in East Boston.

"I'm excited to get into it," Kennedy said Friday night. "Excited to be able to make my case before the people of Massachusetts."

Last month, the 38-year-old congressman publicly confirmed he was eyeing the Senate seat. Friday, he explained why he thought he should be elected over Markey.

"I think it's the right time to believe that our country needs to do better," Kennedy said. "Our country needs to do more."

Markey, 73, has been in Congress for decades. He's not going down without a fight, and he has said he welcomes the challenge and will campaign on core issues like climate change, gun safety laws, and income inequality.

"He's a good man, without question," said Kennedy. "I just think when it comes to the issues that I care about and what I think our country and commonwealth are confronting, I think there's a real difference there and I look forward to making that case tomorrow."

Kennedy touched on the day's breaking news as reports surfaced that President Donald Trump urged the new leader of Ukraine this summer to investigate the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, according to the Associated Press.

"This isn't asking a foreign country for help, this is a scared, power thirsty man begging for it," Kennedy tweeted earlier in the day. "If we don't impeach him, he'll only get worse."

The representative elaborated Friday night.

"You've got a president potentially accused of asking eight different times to get a foreign adversary to look into and investigate a political rival," he said.

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