Young Hockey Player Has a Run-In with Bruins Star David Pastrnak

Mark Sousa has a big hockey game in Canada on Sunday. He had to get ready fast, and that included a last minute trip to Boston on Friday to pick up his new passport.

But when he was next to TD Garden, Sousa swerved to get out of the way of another car, and crashed into someone's Porsche. 

That someone? He's a hockey player himself. It was Boston Bruins star David Pastrnak.

"I was just thinking, I just hit someone's very expensive Porsche," Sousa said.
"I just got out of the car with my head down, a little embarrassed. I felt really bad, and out comes David Pastrnak out of the car, and I was like, 'oh, hey, what's up?'"

 Sousa texted his father the news. It was a priceless exchange with his dad.

"I just got into a crash in Boston. He said, 'how?' I said, 'I hit David Pastrnak's Porsche' and he said, 'no you did not."

But the best part? Sousa got a picture with Pasta himself.

"You just wrecked his car and, to be able to so nice to take a picture with him is so nice, you couldn't ask for anything better," Sousa said. "I had no words.  The last person I'd want to hit...he was awesome, extremely nice, such a down-to-earth guy."

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