Jury Hears 911 Call of Murdered South Boston Doctors

It was an emotional day in court Monday for the family of two murdered South Boston doctors as the jury heard the desperate 911 call made by the victims before they were killed.

Bampimum Teixeira is on trial in connection to the May 5, 2017 homicides of Dr. Lina Bolanos and Dr. Richard Field, who were found dead in their 11th floor condo.

The call was muffled and difficult to understand, but a relative testified that one of the voices was that of Bolanos. She and Field, both anesthesiologists, were engaged to be married before their untimely deaths.

Prosecutors said Teixeira was once a doorman in the couple's building.

The doctors sent text messages to friends pleading for help, prosecutors said. One of those friends, Fabiana Fagundes, said she called the building to request a welfare check, but when that didn't happen fast enough, showed up herself. 

Surveillance video shows Faguindes and her boyfriend arriving at the lobby of the building as the sound of police firing at Teixeira rang through the building. 

On Friday, the jury heard from several witnesses including a woman who lived right next door to the victims. 

Neighbor Claudia Mimo testified that she overheard police confronting Teixeira after they found him inside the couple's condo. He was shot twice by responding officers.

Responding Boston Police officer Sean Wallace said the defendant was "smiling" when they arrested him and started making statements.

"He said, 'There's dead bodies. You guys are gonna die,'" Wallace said. "I remember him saying, 'They killed my wife,' and I heard the word 'sniper.'"

Authorities later arraigned Teixeira from his hospital bed.

Teixeira's attorney said just because his client was in the building the night the couple was killed does not mean he is guilty. He accused police of jumping to conclusions and asked Mimo if she ever heard officers ask him put his hands up before they shot him. She said no.

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