Donald Trump

Kellyanne Conway Answers Questions About Comey in NH

During a New England tour for President Donald Trump’s Counselor Kellyanne Conway and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Doctor Tom Price, Conway discussed the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

After a stop in Augusta, Maine, the two came to Concord, New Hampshire, Wednesday to discuss the growing drug epidemic.

“We don’t just want to study this, we want to solve it,” Conway told a room full of reporters.

When NBC Boston asked about the Comey's firing, Conway said, "The president lost confidence and today the president said he wasn’t doing a good job.”

Conway eventually explained the president’s decision and the timing of it

“Well the timing actually, Nancy Pelosi on November 3rd, told CNN that she thought Jim Comey might not be in the right job,” Conway said. “Many democrats have been calling into question his credibility for a while, I know they’re trying to make him Joan of Arc today, but the president made very clear he lost confidence and we need an FBI that’s nonpolitical and that has confidence.”

Conway also had a planned stop at the Manchester Central Fire Department to talk with first responders about the drug on the Manchester streets.

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